The capacity of Susila Holdings is one that is diverse, with several companies within its wing.

Among its myriad of services, Susila Holdings has ventured to impact the field of healthcare with its latest technologies and facilities, revolutionizes businesses with its innovative software solutions and has given more exposure to the country within the global market by setting itself upon an international platform.

The inception of Susila Holdings dates back to the initial days of television in Sri Lanka. Susila Holdings first made its debut as Susila Productions, a Cinematic and Television Production Company with a desire to impact the world with its creations. Nearly three decades down the line, one can say without a doubt that the vision for Susila Production was quite successfully accomplished. Today, the name Susila Production rekindles the fondest memories, renowned for its award-winning productions such as “doodaruwo”, the first long-running TV show in South East Asia.

Since then, Susila Holdings has extended itself to IT and technological solutions, developing programs and software solutions such as Mobile TV (first of its kind in Sri Lanka), worked with international organizations towards health and welfare and with global businesses to equip Sri Lanka with cutting-edge, advance tech equipment and products. In addition, the scope of Susila Holdings extends to training, marketing and real estate as well.



To Inspire and nurture the human spirit and strengthen human relationships globally through our platforms and creativity.



To convey correct human values to society and inspire humanity to work together across boundaries for a better tomorrow.



To inspire humanity with love, ethics, integrity and team work to reach a vision through our business.